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Kathleen Hawryluk Design Classes

Here is information provided by our member, Kathleen Hawryluk who is a National Garden Club Judges Design Instructor and an Ikebana, Sogetsu Instructor about a series of classes she is giving.

2022-2023 Season

We have all gone through many trials in the last couple of years but that is all behind us now and we are ready to move forward – with grace and floral beauty!

My home and workshop have been spared damage during Ian and I am planning a series of informative and fun workshops for you. Beginners welcome.

I provide the flowers and greens for all designs and many of the containers.  Some will need more components which will be listed for you. A gentle critique will be given which is where we learn the most!

All workshops will be from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and will be limited to 12 participants. A light lunch will be served. If you prefer to bring your own, that will be fine. Bring an apron and a pair of sharp clippers. If there is a demand for more classes, we can schedule more dates. Stay tuned!

Place: 5081 Tamarind Ridge Drive, Naples, FL    34119

Kathleen’s cell: 239-331-0267

Please reply to Kathleen Hawryluk. ( All reservations must be accompanied by a $40 check for each class to hold your place- which is refundable if you cancel more than 7 days ahead of the date.

You will be amazed at what you will produce! Lots of Fun too!

Make check to:       Kathleen Hawryluk

Send check to:        Kathleen Hawryluk
                                    5081 Tamarind Ridge Drive
                                    Naples, FL    34119

Class #     Date                         Title                                                                     Price

1Friday, Nov. 4General Design Info: The Basics,
Mechanics, Mass Design
2Thursday, Nov. 10Types of Design,
Vertical Line Design, Horizontal Line Design
3Friday, Nov. 18Line Mass Design
Using Accessories, Showing off!
4Thursday, Dec. 1Parallel Design,
Manipulating Plant Material
5Friday, Dec. 9Design types: TBA$95
6Thursday, Dec.15 Beginning Creative Design,
Hawaii Tropical Flowers supplied 
7Friday, Jan. 6Using manipulated material in
Creative Designs Hawaii Tropical Flowers supplied 
8Tuesday, Jan. 17Advanced Creative Design,
Tips and Tricks
Hawaii Tropical Flowers supplied




Number(s) of  class(es) (1-8):___________________________________________

Garden club affiliation:________________________________________________

Amount of check enclosed ($40 deposit per class:)__________________________