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Arbor Day 2024 – Tree Dedication

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On Jan 19, 2024, The Gulf Coast Garden Club (GCGC) planted an Orange Geiger, its first Florida Arbor Day tree, located near the Blue Star Marker we dedicated in the Bonita Springs Riverside Park in 2021.

The Gulf Coast Garden Club is also celebrating its 20th Anniversary as well as the 100th Anniversary of the Federated Garden Clubs of Florida. and the 95 Anniversary of the National Garden Clubs Organization.

We celebrate our promotion for the love of Gardening, floral design and our continuing promotion of our civic and environmental responsibility.


Geiger Tree – Scientific name: Cordia sebestena   Pronunciation: KOR-dee-uh seb-ess-TAY-nuh
Geiger tree Family: Boraginaceae  USDA hardiness zones: 10B through 11
Light requirement: full sun to partial shade  Soil tolerances: clay; sand; loam; alkaline; acidic; well-drained. Drought tolerance: high. Aerosol salt tolerance: high

Flower characteristics: color: orange red; very showy; funnel-shaped;
Florida native tree. Growing in full sun to partial shade
Flowering: most of the year, but abundant in summer

Fruit characteristic: shape: oval – egg-shaped; length: 1 to 2 inches; covering: dry or hard. 
Fruit color: turns from green to white when ripe.  Fruit characteristics: does not attract wildlife; showy; fruit/leaves a litter problem; fragrant; fleshy 1-4 seeded drupe

Elegant Sale – Shop Open

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Members donate items of value to the club. Anina Bachrach posts these items on Facebook Marketplace where anyone can purchase them by sending a message to Anina.
Contact Anina if there is an item you would like brought to a meeting.

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To see additional photos of items donated for the Elegant Sale click here.

Contact Anina if you have items you would like to donate to the club.

Recent items donated by:

  • Kathleen Forsman
  • Reggi Wilson
  • Sharon Kennedy
  • Anina Bachrach