January 11, 2021 Meeting

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Meeting photos showing presentation by Matthew Bagley


10:00am  Meeting call to order
   Pledge of Allegiance
    Inspirational message

Board Member reports
    * President
    *  Secretary – meeting minutes December 2020
        To be read and approved. Will post on Web site under member login section
    * Treasurer
    * Membership
    * Programs

1)  Questionnaire on meetings in person or via ZOOM

2)  Passing out the Directory
    a. some 30 books have been handed out to date.       
    b. Passing out or mailing remaining books.3)  Meeting topics
    * Any additional ‘Show What You Know’ or ‘Table Designs’, etc.

4)  Looking for replacement board members for positions that are expiring  
   Need to form Nominating Committee
  * 3rd VP – Membership
  * Program 
  * Green Thumb – TBA
  * Hospitality – TBA
  * Recording Secretary

5)  Update from 2022 Flower Show committee – Karen Hauwiller

6)  Budget for 2021 – 3022
  * Finance Committee reviewing7)   Blue Star Dedication Ceremony


See attached documents (click on items to download):
1) list of members by zip code to pass out directories
2) info from Courier on future Ft Myers-Lee County activities

10:30am  PROGRAM:
Bromeliads 101: the perfect plant for SWFL, Landscapes and Lanais presented by Matthew Bagley, Owner, Bonita Bromeliads

Continue OLD Business

Member Anina Bachrach will talk about
how YOU CAN MAKE LITTLE BOXES from your holiday cards
    a)  decorate a holiday wreath
     b)  store little treasurers in it
     c)  etc. 

click here for Anina’s slides


End of meeting