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Elegant Sale – Shop Open

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Members donate items of value to the club. Anina Bachrach posts these items on Facebook Marketplace where anyone can purchase them by sending a message to Anina.
Contact Anina if there is an item you would like brought to a meeting.

Click here to see items listed on Facebook Marketplace.

Contact Anina if you have items you would like to donate to the club.

Recent items donated by:

  • Kathleen Forsman
  • Reggi Wilson
  • Sharon Kennedy
  • Anina Bachrach

August 14, 2023 meeting

Gulf Coast Garden Club Summer Meeting

August 14, 2023

At the home of Rose and Jack Ford.
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The large landscape garden was neglected for many years and seriously damaged after the Ian Storm in September 2022. We brought with us many plants from our former garden in Naples Park.
We are discovering what will grow here as compared to our established garden in the Park. Each week we learn what will thrive, strive, and survive under our new growing conditions. Fun in the Sun with new HOA regulations. Suggestions welcome!

Meeting Date Reminder

Due to Columbus Day celebrations at St Leo’s, our first meeting of the ’23/24 year will be the third Monday of October – 10/16/23.
St Leo’s Church, meeting rooms 13-14,

28384 Beaumont Rd
Bonita Springs FL 34134

(239) 992-0901