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National Garden Clubs new website

National Garden Clubs is happy to announce a redesign of our informative web site.  After spending many months in development, the site is now live and available to all garden club members.

The New NGC site has a quick reference page to all the information located on the site this should make navigation much easier for those who do not use the site frequently.

Remember the member sign in is member and the password is world.  The National Gardener is now available to garden club members on the member only side.  Please pass on this information to your clubs. 

Please inform you webmasters that many of the old links to awards, scholarships, handbook changes, Flower show Stimulus Project and other NGC links on your state site must be re linked to the new NGC locations.  Have your webmaster check your web site for broken links.

Links to Important places
Handbook Changes
FS Stimulus Project

This note from:
Kathy Thomas 
NGC Web Chairman
Kathy Romine Administrative Assistant