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Longwood Garden Wreath

How We Make Our Living Succulent Wreaths
by Kat McCullough
One of the many forms of horticultural artistry on display during every A Longwood Christmas is our selection of intricately crafted living wreaths. While the Conservatory is currently closed, this year, we created a living wreath of yellow × Oncidesa Sweet Sugar ‘Lemon Drop’ orchids in our Orchid House, a circular creation of rich red kalanchoe and bird’s nest ferns adorning our North Passage near the Bonsai Display, and a round living wreath focused on Echeveria in our Silver Garden. They are all stunning, and each using its own distinct plant palette, all spectacular … but I may be just a bit partial to the Silver Garden wreath, as I’m the one who crafted it! As a Longwood Senior Horticulturist, I’ve had the pleasure of creating dozens of living wreaths and many succulent creations throughout my time here, but this year’s Silver Garden wreath is especially poignant and beautiful to me.

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