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February 8, 2021 Meeting

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photographs taken during the meeting

February 8, 2021  10AM via ZOOM
General Meeting Agenda

Open meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Inspirational Message

Old Business:

President’s report  –  Pat Townsend

Several positions are up for renewal.  GCGC needs Nominating Committee.  Looking for volunteers.

Comments on future Flower Shows

 Comments on status of Blue Star Marker, plantings and dedication ceremony

  • Fall of 2021 or Spring of 2022

Status mailing Year books

  • Put In the mail

Review web site status

All Yearbook information updated to the minute is on our web site:

Treasurers’ report       Diane Schmidt  and  Sue Hamilton

Status.  Financial Statement


  • review dues issue

Plan for after/COVID –  thoughts

Recording Secretary’s report – Anne Duffy

December 2020 General Meeting Minutes attached

January 2021 General Meeting Minutes attached

         Click for Attached:    December and January General Minutes

Accept December and January minutes.

Motion to approve.

Membership report – Claire Flynn

Any change in status

New Business

COVID-19 and face-to-face meetings

Nomination committee

  • Replace officers leaving positions.  Anne Duffy, Secretary, Claire Flynn, Membership, Laura Sullivan-Program Chair, TBA: Green Thumb, Hospitality

  *  ???? let me know

Show What You Know      –        Valentine Cards by Pat Townsend