October 12, 2020 Meeting

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Meeting Minutes become official after being approved at next meeting.
Contact Anne Duffy if you want anything modified.

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Opening:  Welcome to all  members:  by Patricia Townsend

Pledge of Allegiance:      ALL

Inspirational Message:  Sharon Kennedy

Old Business:
Introduction of Board of Directors by Patricia Townsend

President                        Patricia Townsend
1st VP                              Mary King
2nd VP                            Kathy Erickson, Programs
3rd VP                            Claire Flynn, Membership
Corresp. Secretary      Karen Hauwiller
Recording Secretary   Anne Duffy
Co-Treasurer                Diane Schmidt 
Co-Treasurer                Sue Hamilton
Past President              Diane Schmidt  
Advisors                        Anina Bachrach and  Sue Hamilton

* Review meeting schedule via ZOOM with outings to Restaurants in December and April
* Review activities for GCGC during the 2020-2021 Year
* Review Status of Budget  changes in Cash Flow and Expenses
* Review Blue Star Project

New Business:
* Ask for feedback and questions


Experience the Wonder – Jacob Winge, Vice President of Environmental Education for the Everglades Wonder Gardens, will speak about the Wonder Gardens and what is new and different since hurricane Irma hit us in Bonita Springs and hit the garden hard.  The Wonder Gardens is home to a diverse family of Florida wildlife.  They have Florida Alligators and flamingos to beautiful macaws, pythons, turtles, tortoises,  and even Chinese Golden Pheasants.  The Wonder Garden is home to a vibrant botanical collection.

See one of our own doing Show What You Know
Diane Schmidt: Folding Napkins for any Occasion

Dates to Remember:
October 22, 2020  Zoom District IX Fall Meeting  9am to 1pm  Registration required, see attached.
October 23-24, 2020 NGC Landscape Design School – Course 4 via Zoom  Contact Anina Bachrach for information.

End of the meeting.