Creative Floral Arrangers Videos

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Kathleen Hawryluk, a member of GCGC, is serving as President of CFAA (Creative Floral Arrangers of America) during this Pandemic. Because CFAA will not be having its usual February Seminar in Orlando, the CFAA Board has decided to keep in touch with members with a monthly Newsletter which will have a video included. Please go to for information on how to join and to see lots of other interesting info.

Kathleen accepted this challenge and has made a few videos that she will share with our club. Please note that she is the videographer, lighting person, director, producer, designer, critic and editor. Learning IMovie, which is the editing software, has been a definite challenge! You will see definite improvement of the quality of the videos as we see more of them. 
Links to two of them are included here. Have more coming, Kathleen predicts they will be getting better as she learns more!

Underwater Floral Design
CFAA Components
Acrylic ribbon heliconia