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May 10, 2021 Meeting

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Guest Speaker Paula Novander – meeting photos

GCGC MEETING      Minutes                                                                                                         May 10, 2021

Zoom Meeting:  May King, Moderator

Good wishes and prayers to Patty Townsend, President, undergoing surgery today

PROGRAM:  Paula Novander presented slide show on Color in the Florida Garden

  • Share your plants with other garden members
  • Riverland, Driftwood recommended Garden Centers for native plants and advice on choices for your needs
  • Photos of today’s program on our Website
  • February 14, 2022 Program by Paula Novander – Fun With Flowers


  • New Treasurer:  Sharon Kennedy
  • New Membership:  Nancy McPherson
  • Recording Secretary:  Need replacement
  • Blossoms Bulletin:  Need replacement

BLUE STAR DEDICATION CEREMONY:  Thank you to all members, volunteers and those attending

FLOWER SHOW:  March, 2022 – More Info to follow


  • Deposited the Driftwood ad donation and Membership renewals
  • Open items:  District dues
  • Blue Star Dedication on budget – thank you Suzy Valentine for coordinating plantings, and Ceremony
  • Last meeting this season – hope to see all in person in the Fall

WEB SITE:  Ben Bachrach

  • Advise any changes to your listing
  • Send photos of your garden for posting

Meeting Adjourned 10:30

Submitted by Anne Duffy, Recording Secretary – 5/27-A

January 10, 2022 Speaker Announced

“Creating inside the Bento Box” by Margy Metzler.

Kado Sensho Ikenobo Sensei Margy Metzler received her training from Master Sensei and Japanese National living Treasure Keiko Robbins while living in Okinawa, Japan. 

Margy studied for many years to receive her Sensei certificates.  She is a step below Master Sensei. 

Margy brings an art and design background to her Ikebana.  Margy offers group and individual lesson ( in person and via zoom), workshops and demonstrations.  Margy also preforms the Japanese Tea Ceremony in the Urasenke Chado tradition. 

You can contact Margy at or call 239-470-4079  You can go to to find out more about the Sensho Ikenobo school.

Bento boxes are Japanese food boxes.  The ones Margy uses are the more elaborate lacquer ones used for celebrations. 

Photos from Margy Metzler