May 10, 2021 Meeting

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Guest Speaker Paula Novander – meeting photos

GCGC MEETING      Minutes                                                                                                         May 10, 2021

Zoom Meeting:  May King, Moderator

Good wishes and prayers to Patty Townsend, President, undergoing surgery today

PROGRAM:  Paula Novander presented slide show on Color in the Florida Garden

  • Share your plants with other garden members
  • Riverland, Driftwood recommended Garden Centers for native plants and advice on choices for your needs
  • Photos of today’s program on our Website
  • February 14, 2022 Program by Paula Novander – Fun With Flowers


  • New Treasurer:  Sharon Kennedy
  • New Membership:  Nancy McPherson
  • Recording Secretary:  Need replacement
  • Blossoms Bulletin:  Need replacement

BLUE STAR DEDICATION CEREMONY:  Thank you to all members, volunteers and those attending

FLOWER SHOW:  March, 2022 – More Info to follow


  • Deposited the Driftwood ad donation and Membership renewals
  • Open items:  District dues
  • Blue Star Dedication on budget – thank you Suzy Valentine for coordinating plantings, and Ceremony
  • Last meeting this season – hope to see all in person in the Fall

WEB SITE:  Ben Bachrach

  • Advise any changes to your listing
  • Send photos of your garden for posting

Meeting Adjourned 10:30

Submitted by Anne Duffy, Recording Secretary – 5/27-A