Horticulture Rules 2020 Flower Show


  1. Entries will be accepted on Thursday March 5, 2020 from 3-6:30pm and on Friday March 6 from 8—10am.
  2. All plant material must be fresh and grown by the exhibitor.
  3. Container grown plants must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for no fewer than ninety (90) days
    except for plants grown from seed, seedling cuttings, or immature transplants, bulbs, tubers, corms, or
    rhizomes. Cut specimens must have been cared for as a mature plant at least ninety (90) days.
  4. All entries are to be labeled by genus, specific epithet and variety/cultivar or patented/trademarked names.
    Common names may also be given. Please research in advance and have correct names ready.
  5. If a plant is considered a flowering plant, it should be exhibited as a flowering specimen. Foliage plants may
    flower, but should be exhibited as a foliage plant if they are grown for their leaves.
  6. Exhibitor may make more than one entry per class or sub- class, if each is a different genus, species, variety,
    cultivar, type, form, size, or color.
  7. The Horticulture Classification Chair or Show Chair are free to subdivide classes per HB pp 3.
  8. Double potting and staking are allowed. Inner pot must not be visible and staking must be unobtrusive.
  9. More than one plant of the species may be exhibited in the container as a single specimen.
    a. Multiple shoots arising from the root system.
    b. More than one plant of the same cultivar and color are combined in the container to improve the
    overall appearance of the planting.
  10. Clear glass bottles and any necessary wedging for cut specimens should be provided by the exhibitor, but the
    Committee will have various bottles available.
  11. Cut specimens should not have foliage below the water line.
  12. Plant material may not be altered by the application (treatment) of oil, commercial “shine” products, etc. that
    may artificially change the natural color and texture.
  13. Scale of Points for All Cut or Container-Grown Horticulture will be used. (HB pp 129)
  14. The rules for a single species cut or container-grown specimen are listed in the HB pp 58, 59, or its
    supplement, Horticulture Exhibiting and Judging. The NGC Exhibit Policies are printed in the HB pp 55.