New Member Orientation Checklist

Mary Lou Magliocca provided the New Member Orientation Checklist

  • Yearbook – Review Contents
  • How we fit in – Review info – NGC, FFGC, FMLCGC & District IX (38 Clubs)
  • GCGC Committees – Review and encourage participation.
  • GCGC History & Mission – Read and highlight mission.
  • Design Workshops – Review dates, location and workshop contents.
  • Review Meeting Schedule, Meeting Dates and Outlines. Review communications that will be sent – Email/GCGC Blossoms Bulletins, Meeting Reminders, Agendas, Workshops, etc.  Encourage use of email as information source.
  • Green Thumb and Raffle – Share how these work.
  • Trips & Tours – Review seasonal plans.
  • Community Outreach – Review seasonal plans.
  • On-Line Resources – Encourage frequent access, especially GCGC website.
  • Save the Date – Review seasonal plans.
  • FMLCGC – Review Council info and encourage attendance at Council meetings.
  • Ensure receipt of ALL accurate contact information (resident, seasonal, etc.). Important to stress any contact changes need to be reported asap.
  • Standing Rules – Provide a general review.
  • Share special notation of Bonita Community businesses noting discounts.
  • By-Laws – Review copy and encourage further review by accessing GCGC website.
  • Budget – Dues – Share copy and provide general overview.
  • Florida Gardener – Share copy of cover and advise of mailing.
  • Flower ShowShare any seasonal plans, describe Flower Show Schedule and share sample GCGC Schedule.
  • Flower Show Handbook – Show copy of Handbook and walk quickly through contents.
  • Scrapbook – Historian – Draw attention to scrapbook and bulletin board.
  • Further EducationFlower Show School, Master Gardener, Reference FMLCGC “COURIER” Newsletter and reiterate websites where dates and information can be found.

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