Horticulture Rules

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South Florida Gardening, by Chase Landre

  1. Entries must be grown by exhibitor. Plants musty have been in the exhibitor’s possession for at least 90 days.
  2. Entries must be pre-registered with Dale DeFeo.
  3. Containers to be no more than size as specified by schedule in inches in any diameter.
  4. Double potting is permitted within the size as specified in the schedule inch limit.  Only one specimen to a container. Natural multiplication from a single root system will be considered a single specimen.
  5. More than one entry per class made by an exhibitor provided each is a different cultivar, type, form, or color.
  6. All specimens must be clean and free of disease and insects.  Any plant having these faults will be removed by the classification committee.
  7. Entries must be labeled with the correct botanical name (genus & species, variety, and cultivar, when possible) the common name is recommended.
  8. A cut specimen must be displayed in a clear glass container appropriate to the size of the specimen and provided by the exhibitor or committee with a maximum length of 30’”.  Clear wedging is permitting.
  9. The committee reserves the right to combine or divide classes.
  10. The scales of points for horticulture are in chapter 14 of the handbook for flower shows.
  11. A plant considered as a flowering plant, should be exhibited as a flowering plant.  Foliage plants may flower but should be exhibited as foliage plants.
  12. Plants specified as in a class designation in the schedule may not be entered in any other worthy class.